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Page Views, Hits, Unique Hits

Posted by rexdixon on December 19, 2006

What is the best to present in your web site portfolio? That is a great question of how popular a site really is. If either of the 3 are up there, then you are styling and the VC’s take notice. Now the bad thing is, there is no written standard. Unique Hits have started to become the standard of reality measurement of a web site.

Page Views unfortunately are the ruler of the advertisement world on the internet. So what about Unique Hits? Where do they play in the advertisement game? Should they have any play at all, since the defacto standard is now “Page Views“.

I believe it’s time for a new measurement. When television christened the nielson ratings as the standard they determined how they could or could not can a show. There needs to be a one only standard for measurement of a web site’s viability to advertise. Without that standard, it’s basically anybody’s guess at who is worth a ton of money, and who isn’t.


One Response to “Page Views, Hits, Unique Hits”

  1. Uniqueness and being unique is the sharp edge of the Web 2.0 thrust and will cut away the ordinary and the popularity contests that are developing in cyberspace. If someone has to copy someone else then that is not unique and in the new internet marketing that is being developed, if you have nothing to offer that is unique then you will be come not needed. Now this is not to say that someone cannot invent a better social networking group, by all means, there is a need for uniqueness there, but for the most part, advertisers are going to want to advertise where uniqueness is the standard…if that is possible. So I would say unique hits should ride higher than the run of the mill popularity standards… At least that is where I am going to put my internet advertising dollars….

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