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Google Tells Us how To Link

Posted by rexdixon on December 18, 2006

When you are the number one company on the internet, I guess you can tell “who and what” and “when” you can do it. There is now a standard that came out from Google.

Basically if you are trying to enhance your page rank (who isn’t trying to do that?), you are screwed. My question is – if you can’t link to enhance your page rank, then guess what?

You guessed it. Rampant stealing and plagerism. I think it’s great that Google has now helped the non-writing people (such as myself) basically copy and paste and claim it as my own. If Google says it, it must be the truth and the gospel of the internet. I guess you have to earn every piece of traffic you have come to your site now?

Technically Speaking, for those that didn’t learn from Napster – let me repeat the phrase for you — “You can’t shut pandora’s box after you have already opened it!” Google, you might all be billionaires, but go innovate or buy something new such as your “new” iPhone. Gee, how original is that!?!?!


2 Responses to “Google Tells Us how To Link”

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