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You are Stupid

Posted by rexdixon on December 17, 2006

Web 2.0 harnesses the stupidity of crowds as well as it’s wisdom.”

That statement jumped off the screen at me. First they (Time magazine) are pumping everyone up by saying YOU are the person of the year. Then they just called you readers stupid. Then they try to justify the slap in the face, and call it wise.

That is what I love about writing. You can weave the words to fit the cause. You can write things that are nothing more then metaphors and in between the lines. You can make people think.

Podcasting is great too. There you can showcase your passion for something, and people can actually hear if you are trying to be funny, sarcastic, or just plain bumbling sometimes. Blogging is now passe. Not really. Blogging was so I guess as they say “last year“. There are what, according to Technorati about 55 million blogs.

With 2007 around the corner, I was just talking last night about how if “ABC signed Amanda Congdon“, that means that CBS, FOX, and NBC will all be looking for their version of that person. This all means the next social media experience will be in full force this coming year. Video Blogging, Vcasting, Vlogging – what ever term you use for it, it will be big. That could be YOU.

I am glad that the person of the year wasn’t YouTube or Google. At least Time has put the focus back on the people. In the case of this blog, that would be YOU the reader. It shows that Time is trying to remain in focus as far as admitting the new media out here is what is selling. That is without having to announce that digg and Facebook have been woven into the site such as the NY Times did earlier in the month.

Technically Speaking, congratulations person of the year – YOU! 🙂


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