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So Many Social Content sites!

Posted by rexdixon on December 15, 2006

19ways.PNGCan you believe the sheer volume of social media content that is out there? This was called 19 ways to make social sites pay. Great article, you have to give it a read. I mean, this view just rocks – the picture below! That pretty much states allot in one picture! This is how we head into 2007 – how many will be left next year at this time????


4 Responses to “So Many Social Content sites!”

  1. Pramit said

    MediaVidea listed Web 2.0 sites that pay users and those that don’t almost a month back.

  2. Webomatica said

    Getting Paid to Blog

    Uh, so lately I’ve been seeing more and more “get paid to blog” type deals. Here’s a company called BlogKits that seems to be yelping in my general direction.
    They claim to serve up well-paying ads to bloggers who aren’t m…

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