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Rex Dixon – Professional BlogCaster

AOL what is left?

Posted by rexdixon on December 15, 2006

Well the news is hitting right now (breaking story below link)now that more people on the executive level are leaving or getting tossed aside. The AOL PR machine is not commenting. What is left? AOL is basically dead in the water and that is literally speaking.

The leadership is jumping off or getting thrown off. The people (workers) are getting laid off. So is there any reason for AOL to exist in it’s current state? Who is left running the show?

Technically Speaking, I guess someone will flip the light switch and the computers will take over at some point. Seriously, AOL needs to be bought out and absorbed into a bigger company. Which one do you think will buy the remains? Yahoo or Google or Microsoft? Do you think there is another player that could snap up this dead beast and revive it? Maybe a VC?


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