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Yahoo to outperform Google in 2007?

Posted by rexdixon on December 14, 2006

Wow. I just read this. This guy was on CNBC saying this? I could say some really short things here, but I think that I want to expand a bit on this.

How does this guy come up with this? I mean, looking at raw numbers, Yahoo can’t even beat MySpace right now. Where does he think that Yahoo will make a turnaround in 2007? I mean, this is as close to 2007 as you can get.

Right now, Yahoo is not doing well. There is corporate shuffling, rumors, and of course “the peanut butter” fiasco memo. I mean, does the guy really believe in himself, or is he someone that thinks he can predict the stock market?

Google is selling at what? $500 plus or minus right now? What is Yahoo selling at today? Does anyone care? Technically Speaking, if this happens, someone remind me in 2007 to make a formal apology online here in the blog.


One Response to “Yahoo to outperform Google in 2007?”

  1. Will do 🙂

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