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The Debacle known as TechCrunchUK

Posted by rexdixon on December 14, 2006

Due to our little interuptis maximus yesterday, I missed joining in on throwing in my two cents. Here is what I have to say, and in quick hit style. My usual forte. Here is a nice long breakdown of the events according to Drew B.

I believe that Michael Arrington has the right to fire whoever he hired or rather whoever he employed, let be associated with, and be in charge of a TechCrunch entity. Period. End of story.

He is not bound by any “law” in the UK. Doesn’t have to give anyone 3 warnings. Folks, this isn’t a game, this isn’t baseball. If you need to read what went down, then read Mike’s post again. People who have commented on this had me smiling last night while I was trying to get the blog back online. Especially the ones that always want to play Philadelphia Lawyer. Rex Dixon has gotten the axe in his past, and you take it like a man, suck it up, and move the F on. Period, end of story.

Go to work today. Break the rules. Closer to home, try throwing a phone at someone’s head because you disagree. Now when your boss tries to fire you, tell them that the law in the UK requires that you are given 3 warnings, blah, blah, blah.. end of story. You’ll be hauled off to the funny farm.

Michael Arrington built TechCrunch. I don’t know the whole deal behind TechCrunchUK or the one in Japan, or other affliates, but I’m sure there is a contract signed. Like a franchise deal. I’m not a lawyer, but guess what folks — Michael is a lawyer. I think all of you Philadelphia types need to realize that.

Whatever the case may be. He has every right to fire who ever he wants to from employment at TechCrunch (all entities). End of story. Technically Speaking, it’s time to find something more worthwhile to talk about.


One Response to “The Debacle known as TechCrunchUK”

  1. RD, Let it all out now….there you go…do you feel better? Good to have you back online live and worldwide…

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