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Page Views going away?

Posted by rexdixon on December 14, 2006

So if page views go away in as little as 4 years time, to help AJAX and newer technologies evolve, how will the companies track ad dollars? I mean will it be simply a “flat rate” or should I say “fat rate” that you end up paying? Will you be willing to pay $10 k to anyone?

TechCrunch does deserve that amount with the traffic they generate. In 4 years though, if the prediction of page views going away, how will we know that TechCrunch is a viable ad placement location?

There has to be some sort of checks and balances put in place if page views are going bye-bye. I agree with letting the new technologies breath and live; evolve. On the other hand, with nothing to show that you are deserving of the top ad dollar, will you be forced to live on what your old page views showed?

Good example. What if in 4 years MySpace has been overrun with sex freaks and they never stopped that influx? What if people shy away from the social network. With that example, in 4 years time, does MySpace point back to the week they out ranked Yahoo? Will what happened this week in 2006 matter in 2010?

Technically Speaking, somebody better come up with a better way before they eliminate the only way to gauge the popularity as well as the ad viability of web sites. Page Views. They are here to stay for now until someone comes up with a better way.


One Response to “Page Views going away?”

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