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Giving the music away mp3 style

Posted by rexdixon on December 14, 2006

The biggest thing that everyone has wrong so far is that mp3 is just a distribution platform that works. The record companies do not get it. Some people do not get it. You have to maximize the use of the mp3. You can’t just give it away and expect to make money.

You can make money if you market smart. Giving away a song or two or three off a new CD only enhances the sales of that CD. You have to market things smart. You can’t just dump every track out there for free. Yes, I’ve seen that done also, and it can work if you intend to be on tour all year long, 365.

Whatever your spin is, you have to have the smart business person in charge of your music operation. You can make money if you do it wisely. Doing it the way the article describes and then saying “How will future Mozarts have the inspiration to write new music..” – is just another shill for the record companies.

Technically Speaking, I want to see the web site owners credentials. I’m sure he is a record company shill.


One Response to “Giving the music away mp3 style”

  1. The title is sarcastic. It’s a joke based on the comments the industry has made over copyright. It’s not at all serious.

    As for me being a shill for the record companies, all I say is that maybe it would help if you read some of our other posts on the RIAA:

    Shill? If so, they’re not getting much bang for their buck.

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