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Bill Gates is still cool

Posted by rexdixon on December 14, 2006

No matter whether you liked him, hated him because you were a Linux geek, or just thought he was way above all of us, Bill Gates is still cool. The proof you ask?

It’s the talk of the day. The interview that went down. The invite. The bloggers that had the chance to sit in the room with Bill and ask him one question. You do realize that he is the world’s richest man right? He does not have to do this. I read a few of them, and I hope you all take a few minutes to peruse the articles out there.

Steve Rubel has the complete breakdown.

Liz Gannes discusses her question in more detail.  That of course is the web apps area of things. Something that allot of readers of this blog wonder about.

Niall Kennedy of course squared up and wanted to know about Linux and SCO.  There is a full transcript there. I like people like this that stand up and ask what is on everyone’s mind. I also like the way Bill handled the questioning on this one. Classic Bill.

Now of course, the leader of the tech blogging world has a nice write up on the DRM issue, as well as a complete lineup of the blogs. Go there and check that out for the other blogs to read.

Technically Speaking, there is allot of Bill Gates reading to do today. Tomorrow, and next week will be the analyzation of the interviews. Count on it from everyone else that was not there! 🙂


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