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AOL in trouble?

Posted by rexdixon on December 14, 2006

Well of course they are. I said so way back in October that they were in trouble. Reuters via Yahoo is saying the purge is complete, I think not. I believe AOL is prime for a buy out. It will happen soon. You really believe that you can let this many high ranking people go and not be bought out soon? It will happen, and I see AOL becoming a “merged” company in 2007.

AOL was the monster that couldn’t be stopped until Steve Case started to believe his own press. Now you may say those days are long gone, but I think he set a bad precedent by at first demanding that it be called “AOL-Time Warner” and then snubbing everyone else.

That pisses people off. AOL is now paying the price. You can’t be king of the mountain forever. It’s time for the new king(s) to take over. Please, buy out AOL and end it while some of us have some good memories of the service. Technically Speaking – King(s) of the mountain today, LEARN from the mistakes of your forefathers of the internet!


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