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Yahoo dethroned?

Posted by rexdixon on December 13, 2006

I finally looked at the actual numbers, and yes MySpace did pass Yahoo. But a dethroning? MySpace did contribute to the main numbers for Fox Interactive Media. But a dethroning? The funny thing is, I haven’t checked my MySpace account for like a week now.

Why? Because, if the site is going to keep up, you need to fix MySpace. Plain and simple the network infrastructure sucks. Bottom line, the last time I was on MySpace it was not a fun experience. It was slow, like I was on a dial up connection again. I couldn’t reply to messages without getting an error message. It took me 20 minutes of my time to respond to a few messages from my friends there. Stupid. Waste of my time!
I’ve said it, others have said it, and still MySpace passes Yahoo. For this month at least. To me, 39.5 and 38 million is not a “dethroning”. It’s a temporary change for the month. MySpace really wants to stay on top?

Take all the money that Fox Interactive has, and get some people to — what is it? — FIX the network infrastructure!!! Geesh, does Rex Dixon need to go to MySpace and become CTO and whip some of you into shape?!?


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