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The .TV domain

Posted by rexdixon on December 13, 2006

I believe it’s starting to make a comeback. is launching today and will have some interesting promotional ideas. Are there any web historians out there? The reason I ask is teh .tv domain has been around for around only 5 years? This could be your chance to grab the tv remote from television’s grasp.

Starting today, you can register your .tv domain at In the near future they will have tools for you to be – Technically Speaking – your own online TV show. Like I said, taking the remote from television’s grasp.


3 Responses to “The .TV domain”

  1. Online TV Show….Hummmm wonder if this is what Rex Dixon has planned for his big surprise for us next year…

  2. Introduced in 1996, .tv was marketed from its conception for use in television-related industries, and with no restrictions it can be registered/used for any purpose. “TV,” next to “OK” is one of the most recognized abbreviations in the world. Before the inception of Demand Media and, Unity 4 Humanity has created, defined, and pioneered the DotTV industry. More and more entities today are using Unity 4 Humanity’s business solutions which utilize a .com and .tv channel working in tandem. Many technology experts believe’s social networking domains are nothing more than glorified parked pages contributing to the delinquency of the Internet. Unity 4 Humanity are the leaders in the .tv domain industry and their web presence has set all the benchmarks.

  3. Yes

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