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Rex Dixon – Professional BlogCaster is a true model citizen

Posted by rexdixon on December 13, 2006

Jim Buckmaster may not be motivated by the almighty dollar, but is probably one of the more respected sites on the internet. It’s well written as far as speed goes, coverage is amazing, and to think it all started in a small apartment in San Francisco. I’m sure that Craig Newmark is glad that Jim is the CEO having to deal with people that just don’t get it.

Bankers and money people (Venture Capitalists) may never understand. Jim does. He understands that being a social provider of outstanding content doesn’t mean you have to slap ads all over and make a ton of money. I will have to agree it is a refreshing attitude and something we all can learn from.

Technically Speaking, I read about VC this, VC that, CPM this, CPM that every day. I read about companies that have no biz plan getting $5 million dollars; okay a biz plan that is based on smoke and mirrors. It is quite nice to see a company that believes in being a true .org and not in name only.


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  2. Skoundral said

    While I agree that I love the simple attitudes and Spirit that revolves around this website, it has grown past the capacity it was once able to handle. Once upon a time, you could get honest and truthful answers to your very legit questions – the website did feel community based and it was so much smaller. As it has grown by huge abundance – the customer service has become non existent, the willingness to listen to each community is non-existent and everyday people go to their feedback forum ( ) to offer sound advice to make changes and about how unhappy they are. Yet nothing is done and no concern is shown. You say they are a true “.org” but how do you explain that their projected income last year was over $25 million dollars in profit? Where does that money go? To charity? How can they not move out of the small victorian home and expand a little, make the site better. Anyways… just got here by chance.

  3. Your blog is very interresting for me, i will come back here..

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