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RebTel launches site in Polish

Posted by rexdixon on December 12, 2006

I just received an e-mail from Greg Spector of RebTel. You remember them right? They were offering the free trial way back, and you could talk to Greg himself on the streets of Stockholm, Sweden.  

“Things are good at Rebtel.”,  stated Greg, ” We just launched our site in Polish (there are 14 million Polish citizens living and working outside of Poland).  And yesterday we announced a Call Home for the Holiday’s for Free program – 30 days of free calling on Rebtel.”

He was kind enough to send me that information, which is below:

No payments or contracts required; use any mobile phone as is

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – December 11, 2006 – Happy holidays from Rebtel Mobile.   With Rebtel’s Call Home for the Holidays FREE program, everyone who starts using Rebtel between today and January 15, 2007 will get the first 30 days of service for free.

No payments or contracts required to start calling.

You pay for your local calls and Rebtel will connect them over the Internet free of charge for 30 days.  “You know you’re going to call friends and family abroad this holiday season – but this year you get a choice,” said Hjalmar Winbladh, Rebtel president and CEO. “You can pay expensive charges to make those calls with your mobile phone.  Or, you can be smart and use your mobile phone and the internet to bypass the mobile operators – any time; anywhere.  So, why not?  It’s your call.” 

Instead of talking on your computer or landline, Rebtel lets you use your mobile phone to call your friends or family abroad and you each only pay for a local call – two local calls with a free internet connection in between. “Don’t pay international charges ever again,” said Winbladh. “For the holidays, give your loved ones local phone numbers where they live to call you, and get local numbers where you live to call them.  Then Rebtel will connect your two local calls on the internet for free.” Normally Rebtel’s international calling services cost $1 USD per week for unlimited calling – but only for the weeks you use the service.  And, no contracts are ever required.

“If you can make a local call on your mobile phone, you can get a free international connection today,” said Winbladh.  “Without a doubt, Rebtel is the cheapest and smartest way to make mobile international calls.” 

About Rebtel

Mobile is the world’s new mobile company, connecting mobile phone users around the world by liberating them from their existing operators and charges.  Two people. Two local calls. One connection joining them together over the Internet by Rebtel.

With headquarters in Sweden – birthplace of the mobile phone – Rebtel Mobile is backed by Index Ventures and Benchmark Capital, early investors in Skype and eBay.  For more information about Rebtel Mobile, and to start using Rebtel services, go to

Technically Speaking, if you didn’t give RebTel a try way back then, you need to try it now – especially if you have friends or family overseas.


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  1. Did they have a link from UK? Meanwhile, speaking of FREE. For a trade, try AllFun, a Fun FREE social game space for anyone to join & play their favorite games online.

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