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Jason is paying $100 real money to out the scammers

Posted by rexdixon on December 12, 2006

I think that is great that Jason is putting his money to good use. It’s like a whistle blower program done internet style. I for one like it. Now on to the real issue here.

Digg. I think that after Kevin Rose let the cat out of the bag in one of his drunken rambles, he basically put the handwriting on the wall in spray paint so to speak. Do you really think that Kevin can also be like Nero and just fiddle away as Rome burns? The buck must stop somewhere. That somewhere is right in Kevin’s empty bottle of beer.

Digg is collapsing fast as a good source. There will be someone taking it’s place very soon. I can almost smell the money trail to the people who are burning the midnight oil to replace digg. I mean seriously, the site is pretty simple. People submit articles, other people check them out and if they like they “digg” it. There are other sites that are doing  similiar things, but you had the Kevin Rose who at the time was a “name” after leaving the Screen Savers, TechTV, and the original Screen Savers show.

He along with his counter parts of crime developed a loyal following straight to the internet. Good gig if you can get it. The only issue is that Nero fiddled away as Rome burned, will Kevin drink another one as Digg collapses? Now THAT is the true question at hand.

Again, I applaud Jason for trying to save the world from another scam operation by putting up $100 of real cash for anyone that wants to turn in a scammer. The real issue is -= Digg =- — collapse or recovery? Kevin holds the keys, and right now, I hope he is not driving a vehicle.


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