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Google Fixes page

Posted by rexdixon on December 12, 2006

I am glad that Google has fixed the page. I’m also glad to be misunderstood by Robert Scoble.  What I was hoping that the readers gathered was what Google did is not a crime. It’s done on the internet all the time. The issue that everyone (including myself) had is Google trying to pass off their work as an original piece of work (the ad).

Borrowing content, linking to sites, quoting text, giving CREDIT where CREDIT is due – it’s done all the time.  I always make sure I link to the original article when I write. I always make sure the credit is given. Blatent stealing of content without giving credit is a big “no, no” anywhere. That goes for on the internet or even if you are writing a paper. You must credit. Period.

Do you think people would have had such an issue if Google had put somewhere on the ad, this ad “credited to Yahoo“? Of course not. But would it also still be the talk of the internet today? Maybe.

Do you think Google would have received as much blog press if they would have not slapped up the original ad? I am sure they would have never done that “credit this one to Yahoo” thing. It was only an example!! Keep reading, for the people who think I’m incoherently speaking, I have to give you pointers to the food here.

Ah, eureka, what could be a press nightmare is maybe really what they call in the con game – hook ’em, reel ’em and bring them in before they know they have been caught. It’s what you do to fish. I think we “fish” were all probably were just caught up in an elaborate smoke and mirrors game. There are those of you who think Google was not being smart on this one.  I saw a reference to that effect as in “they have all these Phd.’s etc“. (think it was on the Scobleizer comment trail above)…

Think again. Technically Speaking, we (the blogs) all gave them free press coverage, free advertisement and the news spread quicker then any PR thing they could have done on this. You think they aren’t smart? I think one of those PhD’s that works at Google has his doctorate in the world of 3 card monte. 🙂


One Response to “Google Fixes page”

  1. Go get em RD, good to see you stand up for what is right or makes sense. I am with ya on us providing these sites with FREE traffic…and some of them want to charge us to join their site! WTF!

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