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BlackJack and BlackBerry

Posted by rexdixon on December 12, 2006

Do the two words sound similiar at all to you? That is the main contention of RIM’s lawsuit. I think when I say BlackBerry – of a berry – and BlackJack – Vegas, baby! Neither one makes my mind think of the other.

Neither one sounds the same! The only thing that is close to being a copy of the other is the first 5 letters which is a color. Black. Otherwise, they sound different, and no one on the street is going to confuse the two. Guaranteed.

I do know this much, the BlackJack commercial video is one of my more popular viewed articles. Technically Speaking, RIM is look for press. Old trick, it does work, and basically — NEXT!


3 Responses to “BlackJack and BlackBerry”

  1. Here we go..the ‘Give Me A Frigging Break’ factor goes off the scale here and I would thing that one of our many Legal Experts will soon be chiming in on their take on how this one is going to go down…if we can get them off the Blueberry long enough to give us a call from the PurpleJack.

  2. BLACKJACK said

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  3. Good blog!!

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