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Posted by rexdixon on December 12, 2006

Ajax13 is a San Diego based company that has just released it’s PowerPoint application. I’m currently jamming to the tunes using their online Ajax13 Tunes program. 3ajax13logo.pngThis all started as a German state funded project, and now has evolved into a nice company with some decent software. The move from German to San Diego, CA alone has to be nice.

Let’s see – there is the PowerPoint like application, the Word like application (Ajax Write; probably loosely based on Writely?), the Excel like application (called AjaxXLS), and something called Ajax Sketch. Of course there is the Ajax Tunes which I’m listening too right now.  It seems to either access SideLoad which I talked about back on December 1st, or it saw that I had a SideLoad account.

Technically Speaking, copying happens a bunch online. I guess it’s good as long as you are not taking someone’s ad work like the whole Google Yahoo debacle from yesterday right?


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