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Record Labels and the Music Business

Posted by rexdixon on December 11, 2006

Here it is in a nutshell. The record companies have shafted artists for years. Now as the online world starts to make the independent artist more viable, they are running scared. Let me spell it out for you, for some of the non-reading in between the line readers, the recording industry has made money on artists. The artists have gone broke.

Best example I have is the band called – Extreme. Remember them? Late 80’s, early 90’s band. Had that hit – “More Then Words“. Big time crossover #1 hit. Well when they signed their contract, they yes, screwed themselves. In defense of the band, when you have been out there for years busting your a$$ to make it – and some major label comes calling, your forget allot of what you learned on the road on your own time. Now of the 2.5 million albums they sold, the didn’t make a dime. It’s a fact. Research it if you must. They were (personally) playing music and having a great time and on top of the world. They were in fact (personally) though – broke. The record company was making all the money.

Yes, the were able to make money on the touring, and merchandising, but basically that was the last hurrah for the record industry. The last rape so to speak. Artists have now gotten wiser. Smarter. Bands have one or two “Rex Dixon‘s” in them now. That have learned from the mistakes made already.

Technically Speaking, if you are a musician in a band, you need to go it on your own. You really need to be independent. It does work as long as you have your band’s version of “Rex Dixon” handling your business.


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