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Posted by rexdixon on December 11, 2006

OpenServing – everything is FREE and it’s brought to you by Wikia. Sounds like a great concept. One thing I have learned again over the past few months is that it doesn’t matter what you serve, if it’s FREE it will make you money. Statistics, something I hammered in my podcasts was always on the forefront of discussion. The more I tried to avoid it, the more apparent it became that is the main focus of the internet today. Stats. You generate big numbers, you will succeed. That is according to the new Web 2.0 world we all live in.

Charging for services. Done. Setting up plans. Done. You come up with something, and it draws numbers – it’s the old rock band concept – you draw you play, you don’t draw you die. It all relates to the musicians I have played with and seen personally. Great musicians never go any place unless they draw, and crap ones rise to the top as long they draw.

Technically Speaking, Web 2.0 is rock n roll at it’s finest deception.


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