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Posted by rexdixon on December 10, 2006

MyBlogLog, has now added MySpace profile page support. I haven’t even been on my account in a few days. MySpace needs to fix their network infrastructure – MYBLOGLOGbig time. I know I have said that before, but the last few times I have been on there, I could barely get anything done.

I had a MyBlogLog account, but I think it was deleted as I was using the free version of it.  From what I remember, if you don’t “upgrade” you get deleted as a user. That’s fine by me, as I can’t use their script here anyways. If my account is still alive, then someone from MyBlogLog can contact me and I will check it out further.


One Response to “MyBlogLog”

  1. Hi Rex,

    We never delete accounts (unless people are being abusive of other members). Your page is right where it’s been since October.

    For the free accounts, we only keep the traffic tracking data for a week.


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