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Maybe this is the aim of Second Life?

Posted by rexdixon on December 10, 2006

It appears that in China, there is something called 110cent.gifTencent which I am gathering is much like Second Life. Well according to this article, it appears that their currency called QQ is now taking off and people are actually buying things such as sex with it. No, not the virtual kind, well maybe, but the real kind. QQ is slowly deflating the real economy, and well, at least China can just put an end to it since they are a communist country. Just as Iran has blocked YouTube, China can take the game and send everyone home.

QQ is slowly replacing the real currency in China. Now, this sort of is maybe an indication of where Second Life wants to lead us. The money in there is maybe going to undermine the current economy and the Dollar vs the Swiss Franc or the Euro will not matter.

QQ and the millionaires of Second Life will be the new leaders of the world.  God help us all, then again, maybe these leaders will actually lead instead of follow.


One Response to “Maybe this is the aim of Second Life?”

  1. I don’t think the leaders of Second Life will be able to lead if they are leading wearing a pair of open toe sandals…this could cause sever ‘stumped-toe-idious’

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