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Google Podcast

Posted by rexdixon on December 10, 2006

According to this, Google Base looks like it is inviting podcasters to upload their best. Why? This writer (Steve Rubel) is speculating that maybe they are now going into the podcast search engine market. Makes sense to me.

Technically Speaking, Google can find my podcasts – you are free to grab whatever you like.  It’s not like they aren’t linked on this page as well as in several posts of the past. I for one am not wasting my time trying to upload them to Google. I had issues trying a long time ago, and won’t waste another minute of my time there. If you want a copy of the 7 Minutes show or the Coffee show – the links are to the right.

Google, you can read, right? 🙂


2 Responses to “Google Podcast”

  1. exozvone said

    you are an idiot. this is a useful feature; if you filled a database with every .mp3 on the web, you’d wind up with junk. like your site.

  2. rexdixon said

    Exozvane – Never said it wasn’t useful, just said I won’t be using it. I agreed with the original post about the podcast search. – Rex

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