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Many Computer techs that SUCK!

Posted by rexdixon on December 9, 2006

Okay, I saw this undercover KCAL investigation, and I believe it. What happens is that companies forgot about while trying to save pennies was that experience does matter over what tech school you just came out of.

Technically Speaking, I may be sounding like the pissed off out of the IT biz not by choice person, but the companies get what they deserve.


One Response to “Many Computer techs that SUCK!”

  1. As you know, Mr Business Golf was just in this situation and getting a bid for $2800 to recover data off a hard drive was unbelievable, and still is. If you find a good honest tech, keep him, pay him/her well so he can stay in business so he/she will be there for you next time…because as long as you are out here in cyberspace you are going to need a good HONEST PC tech.

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