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Google Earth – Adding Layers? How about get it right first?!?

Posted by rexdixon on December 9, 2006

GoogleEarth is adding layers to it’s mapping. That is cool and great. I love it. Now why am I bit irked? Well after reading some interesting reports online in the past few days about googleearthlogo.gifGoogle Maps not being exactly accurate, it sort of steams me that they will drop in more junk on top of maps that might not be accurate. Fix the maps first. Send your (you are hiring all the time) employees to physically check that your maps are accurate. Have a whole team to check the maps out.

Folks, mapping has been around since the sailors sailed with Columbus in 1492. They probably were around back when Jesus Christ and Mohammed walked the Earth. One thing though. Most of those maps didn’t lead you down a road that should have been locked up. Vandals or kids may have cut the lock, and you can always turn around if you are running low on gas, but when you trust in a service to deliver information – why should you doubt the safety to go about your business?

We are at the height of technological advancement. Computers and the whole IT industry, Web 2.0, high speed data transfers — whatever you see today is old tomorrow – has advanced society to the point of more information then we ever need. All that technology and no one can seem to get it right. Great, just dump more useless information on top of the map. Hey, okay, it’s not useless. I want to know that I can walk 3 blocks and grab a beer at Foley’s on Greenwood, and that up the street, there is a historical landmark. Not.

I’m just as guilty as the next person, and I love technology, advancement, and the more information you can shove into my brain so I can spew it forth later – the better. With all that being said – a map is a map.

Get it? Google – maps are maps. They get you from Point A to Point B and sometimes over to Point C and Point D, and if you need to you can take a safe shortcut over to Point E and still arrive at Point B unscathed. That’s a map. No signs or wiki’s to say “Rex Dixon lives here“. Google I know where I live, and I know that next time I need a map printed out – I may have to print out 3 from all the services just so I don’t get lost somewhere that I don’t want to be.

Oh yeah, this was all about Google Earth, not Google Maps.

Same difference, just as hot sauce is liquid and cayenne pepper is powder – both will burn your tongue and make you sweat. Technically Speaking of course.


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