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TV playing both sides of the fence?

Posted by rexdixon on December 8, 2006

This could be a big possibility. Without saying anything else on it — Real Big. I’m going to have to totally agree with TC on this one. I think that all of us that are blogging or writing about tech these days have heard the same thing. TV is going to be in a big time change in 2007 and beyond. We already know that it’s going away, and I think that is only one time that I have said that and referred back to it.

Technically Speaking, the thing that really bites about not being able to post at will here is that I miss a ton that I have to get caught up. News on the internet travels at what?


2 Responses to “TV playing both sides of the fence?”

  1. matthew said

    Hey Rex!

    Our video online market place falls right in the hands of all these networks like CBS, Fox , NBC . We can allow them put their shows up in a fully protected environment while keeping their brand across all channels . Good article ! btw: we got contacted by limelight who clients include youtube, adobe , microsoft , ABC ! i’ll have to chat with you shortly! happy holidays!

  2. […] TV playing both sides of the fence? […]

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