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Posted by rexdixon on December 8, 2006

SchoolFizz, a Columbus, Ohio startup launches today. It could have been yesterday actually. It mixes Facebook and Digg all into one. Instead of digging, you are “fizzing“.3schoolfizz.PNG Sounds cool to me. Basically, not rewriting what is already there. It’s called something I advocate all the time. “Don’t reinvent the wheel, only improve it!” Sure there is room for the jet engine, and the rocket. It’s just that taking a jet or rocket to your place of work or leisure isn’t practical. We all still need “wheels”. Whether it’s a car or bicycle, wheels are a part of our everyday life.

Technically Speaking, so is the internet and web 2.0. Don’t reinvent it, just improve it and every now and again, let’s have a rocket or time machine or people living on the moon!


2 Responses to “schoolfizz”

  1. is web2.0 reference?

  2. i want to only improve it

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