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Warped Tour site to die?

Posted by rexdixon on December 7, 2006

12warpedtour.PNGWarped Tour, which I know was music first, social network second –  is about to die according to the article I just read. I find it very interesting how some musicians were able to harness the power of the internet and then at the same time, let something die.

Clue time. Why kill a social network of fans that only is going to get bigger when the tour kicks off again next year? I think this is what social networks should be for. Perfect use of one. I hope that the owners of the site will reconsider, and keep the thing alive.


3 Responses to “Warped Tour site to die?”

  1. WarpTour is going to have to take a serious step towards 2.0 in order to stay alive. Members leave when they they can’t tell if they are reading a blog or an advertisement…ad placement is the killer of this site and the developers need to listen to Coffee with Rex Dixon to find out why they are dieing….the ads are killing it Dude (and yes there are actually 15 year olds out there saying Dude, had one at Starbucks last night address me as Dude, unfortunately he forgot to put the Mister on it).

  2. Cara said

    the warped tour community needs to re-open! i have quite a few friends on there that i have no other way to contact. the site keeps me connected with the tour all year long, so i can hear new plans for the tour. i’m kind of ticked at the site owners, they promised us this year they would keep it open year-round!

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