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Rumor? – Yahoo after hours meeting

Posted by rexdixon on December 5, 2006

Yahoo plans to host a private, internal Webcast for top executives after the close of trading Tuesday, according to a source familiar with the meeting, who added that insiders expect major news.

That news could include significant layoffs or perhaps even the departure of Yahoo Chief Terry Semel, who has come under increased criticism for the company’s disappointing performance, according to the source.

This plays well into the ValleyWag rumor I saw earlier about Yahoo approaching Tom Freston, former CEO of MTV Networks, and then later Viacom.


One Response to “Rumor? – Yahoo after hours meeting”

  1. ‘My Technically Savvy Speaking Friend’,
    You have hit a nerve on this one. For the last three days I have been working on what I thought was my Outlook email acting up but come to find out it is major problem with the Yahoo Servers. Yes, they have problems they are not going to tell the customers about because, Hey, like Rex Dixon has told us too many times, there is too much competition out there for email services…and as far as laying off more people…well, aren’t they connected to AT&T somehow…who is the old SBC rig that was a ‘laying off machine’? I would hate to think that Yahoo is going to fall to laying people off with they need better leadership.

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