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Interview with Allan Branch, Co-Founder – LessAccounting

Posted by rexdixon on December 4, 2006

In this interview, we are going to learn a little more about the company I posted a quick hit blog post on called LessAccounting. lessaccountingAllan Branch, Co-Founder, was kind enough to take time out of his busy day, and running 3 companies, as noted below in the interview, is a busy thing to be doing. I’m more then happy to let him have the floor.

Q1: Today Allan Branch a Co-Founder of Less Accounting has taken the time to do the 5 quick questions. First thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to answer these. Let’s proceed with the first question now. Less Accounting. That is a great name, and since you have already told me in a separate e-mail that you came up with the concept/idea – What gave you the idea to put together this web site and company?

I own a web development business and two other businesses. I have needed an easy accounting and organizational software for some time. I looked around and realized I could buy several large, expensive software packages, and only use the bits that I need, or I could write my own. When I discussed this with my partners, Steven Bristol and Chris Chandler, they told me they had been thinking the exact same thing. Less Accounting was born.

Q2: What are the ultimate goals of the company? Is it to be the small business savior as far as accounting and bookkeeping goes, or would you like to even go as far as bigger companies?

We are interested in helping any business that has the need for software to be an aid and not a hindrance. LessAccounting is not about keeping track of your check register, it is about giving you the tools to make more money and do less accounting. Our software wants to get out of your way.

Q3: Now there are other sites out there that do almost the same thing as Less Accounting. How would you describe the advantage you have over them, as well as, what features have you seen or not seen that drove you to create Less Accounting?

There is some conjecture on the blogoshpere about what LessAccounting will do, everyone will have to wait a little longer to see for sure. We know that not every piece of software fits everyone, if someone has a tool that works for them and makes them more productive, then they should use that tool. We believe there are a lot of people who have not found the tool that is right for them yet. We hope LessAccounting will be that tool.

Q4: Question number 4 is starting to become almost canned these days. With that being said, this is the question where you get to release data about your company. ie.. the size, current employees, if you are looking for VC funding or already have it, management structure, if you are hiring more employees, etc.. what ever you feel you can release to the public at this time about Less Accounting.

LessAccounting is a small privately funded company that is more focused on our users than ourselves. We see great potential in the small business market and have no need for VC funds. What we are looking for is building a community of tools the help small businesses grow by streamlining process.

Q5: Yes, Question 5 is pretty much the same, but – it does seem to offer nice closure for the companies. First, I would like to thank Allan Branch a Co-Founder of Less Accounting for spending his time answering this for the readers, and now is the chance to tell the readers why they should stop by Less Accounting to check your service out.

All of the founders parent’s have owned their own businesses. We have all been raised with the entrepreneurial spirit and we have seen the struggle of the small businessman. We know the right tools have not been built. We know that if we (our small businesses) need it, other people need it.

Here are the top reasons your accounting software sucks (one hundred people surveyed, top tweleve answers on the board):

12. A shoe box is not accounting software.

11. You need help to set the program up.

10. You purchase books to learn the program.

9. Annual updates to purchase.

8. You hire a Quickbooks consultant.

7. You switch to a mac, you have to buy the program again.

6. Since when does good software get sold at Walmart?

5. You didn’t pay for tech support…sorry.

4. You always procrastinate when you have to use it.
3. Your accounting software doesn’t make you more productive.
2. Your accounting softwares doesn’t make your life easier.
1. Your accounting software doesn’t make your accountant’s life easier.


3 Responses to “Interview with Allan Branch, Co-Founder – LessAccounting”

  1. Anon said

    He sounds pretty cocky about this thing. I guess we’ll have to see when it comes out. By the way, can he really be successful with this business if he has 2 others to focus on? Or is this another “create and get out” situation like many serial entrepreneurs? I’m not sure i’d put my eggs in his basket the way he’s talking.

  2. Claye said

    I signed up today after scouting out similar sites like,,, etc. – and chose lessaccounting because first, I need the free option (started my affordable web design company for small businesses a couple weeks ago so things are slow but picking up – making it a great option), and second because I get more (in my opinion) out of their free package than from any of the others.

    The other free packages either don’t include SSL data encryption, PDF downloads, or they want to put their logo/branding/links on your invoices (which just screams ‘legit company’ to your clients I’m sure).

    I think the greatest disadvantage of is that I can’t brand my invoices as my own, but I’m fine with the nice-looking generic template that I can download as a PDF and edit from there (add my logo, etc.). The dashboard/interface is very intuitive and useful as well – I am very happy with the free version and expect that I will upgrade soon to a non-free version.

  3. J said

    I’ve been using Less Accounting for just about a year now and I must say that our small Film Production and Web Design Company has really picked up in sales and production since then. It has been an absolute life saver when doing invoices and proposals for clients.

    We are able to track, follow and get bids and invoices out quicker and as a result we are able to convert sales and get paid quicker. Plus reports can be generated in just one click vs. a program like quickbooks where it is a 5 step process to get something that barely makes sense.

    We looked at a few other options before choosing LA such as Cashboard, which was good, but seemed to lack in a few areas such as UI and support.

    LA just seemed to have it right, ultra clean UI, consistent navigation and the best part of all, GREAT support. You send an email to the people who actually built the program and they get back to you right away. And usually, if you have a really great idea for a feature, they will add it for you at no additional cost!

    Overall, HIGHLY recommended for small-mid size businesses.

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