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*UPDATE* James Kim and Family

Posted by rexdixon on December 2, 2006

Kim FamilyJust read this *Updated* CNET article – apparently they are now working on a confirmed sighting of James Kim and his family from last Saturday evening (11/25/2006) at a Denny’s restaurant in Roseburg, OR. The search has now shifted north to Douglas County. This is according to the Oregon police. Here is a link to the SFPD missing person’s flyer.


One Response to “*UPDATE* James Kim and Family”

  1. Astounded! said

    This guy is definitely not of my world; that’s right, SF! Hey, I lived there for 5 years, so I know how that experience can impact negatively rational thought. I’m sorry, but for poor Kim, it’s been one BAD decision after another: first, to travel with spouse and two infant children, overnight, on an old logging road, in the face of snow, ice, etc.; then, AFTER waiting a whole week, he decides reasonable to set out on foot for help, but then he promptly leaves the road, where he almost certainly would have been found, and instead heads into pure wilderness, worse than what he had just left, descending cliffs down into the Rogue River basin, where no one is likely to be for months to come. Can’t we just get sushi in the Castro? High probability this won’t end well for him…

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