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Portable Apps

Posted by rexdixon on December 2, 2006

Portable Apps, I found a quick hit post about this here. I had to go check this out for myself, and will say I’m quite impressed. The only portable media I have right portable appsnow is my digital camera, so I figured,”What the heck, give this a go and see if it actually works.” It does. Now I have a reason to get one of those USB sticks that you see people walk around with on their ID badges (the “big shots“) .

I never really could see buying a USB memory stick for any reason. If I want a portable media player (iPod, Zune, whatever) – I will go buy one of those for the music. I mean, do you really want to carry around your spreadsheets and documents on a USB memory stick; and that’s all?

I can see the use for medical purposes IF the medics that would respond to you had a device they could plug it into that would download all your data. I think I saw a business already going that route, if not, there is another idea for you readers to run with.

Technically Speaking, I might just have to go buy one of those USB sticks now. Well after I somehow get my other laptop. Yes, still chained to this desk and the desktop computer. No one has been generous enough yet to say,”Hey Rex, I’d love to advertise on your site, and I would love to buy up 1,000 T-shirts, but instead of all of that stuff, how about I just send you a MacBook Pro as payment for say 1 year of ad time?” Yeah, that has not happened yet. I’m dreaming I know, but hey, dreams sometime do come trueit is that time of year and all!


2 Responses to “Portable Apps”

  1. […] Basically it’s a way for you to carry around your computer on a portable device. Not your computer obviously, but more like you data, files, mp3’s, etc.. Whatever it is that makes you feel like you are working on your computer anywhere you are. Make sense? If you are still curious, I did a post about another service that does pretty much the same thing. Both seem like a great way to carry about your computer settings on one of the many portable harddrives that are ample these days. Well a USB stick isn’t considered a HD, but you get what I’m saying; I hope! […]

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