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Swamii was suppose to be Yoda

Posted by rexdixon on December 1, 2006

Swamii, is a new search engine. Search engines are hot right now as everyone is trying to be the next Google. Yes, they wanted to be called – but that swamiiis suppose to be some freakish cat or something.  I think Yoda would have been a great name, but I wonder if George Lucas would have wanted a piece of the action? I relate all this search engine sites to one thing, and that is music.

My bud, Trashy Feelgood, up in Chicago is finding out, even though the big city is great, musicians are all the same. Up there, every band, musician he runs into wants to be “new metal”.  When I was in a band some years back, every band wanted to be the next Linkin Park! When I was in LA years ago, they all wanted to be the next Warrant, or Poison, or GnR. If you visit his site, you will hear that Trashy is original.

Back to Swamii now. With the above music comparison being written music vs web 2.0 – it’s all the same guys and gals. Let me simply state it this way, again using music as my example today. There is only ONE Linkin Park, ONE Poison, ONE Nirvana, ONE Staind, ONE Disturbed, etc.. etc.. etal. With that being said there is and will be only ONE Google, ONE Microsoft, ONE Yahoo, etc…

Technically Speaking, take your great programming skills, abilities, marketing skills and find that niche. It might be search, don’t get me wrong. I’m just hoping that Swamii will set itself far enough apart as well as the rest I’ve talked about recently, and finds that niche market that will keep them afloat. Just as every Poison, there was a Pretty Boy Floyd or Britany Fox would actually be a better example. If you are willing to accept that fact, then I give you a high five and keep rockin’!


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