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Interview with Levy Cohen of Collarity

Posted by rexdixon on December 1, 2006

collarityI did a quick hit write up on Collarity last week Tuesday on 11/21/2006. Usually if I do a blog post, and there is follow up comments or e-mail to me personally from someone at the company, I like to offer a 5 question interview that is posted here.

Levy Cohen of Collarity has answered his 5 questions, and I hope they will give you further insight on the company – Collarity – and what they are trying to do.

Q1: How come all the stealth mode during the build prior to the launch?

Actually it was in two phases. First, Collarity went through a kind of “friends and family” phase that allowed us to test different interfaces and a get feedback from a smaller tight-knit group of users. Then we expanded beyond that group to test our finalized designs. We also wanted to finish patent filings before we widely exposed certain aspects of the service.

Q2: What is the main goal of the company, to be on everyone’s desktop or to be a corporate tool?

Our goal is to have the Collarity Compass on every web publisher’s site helping their visitors find what they’re looking for through our community-powered site and web search services.

Q3: What are the main items you would want to point out to any new user or new reader of this blog as in – “Why you want to check out Collarity?” – More to the point, “Why would someone want to use your search tools over Google or Yahoo?”

We don’t suggest that anyone should stop using Google or Yahoo. Our goal is to deliver vastly improved site and web search tools to web publishers by providing a platform that enables the site’s content to be ranked and organized implicitly by the site’s audience.

Many publishers have huge volumes of content assets that could be generating lots of revenue for them if users could find the right pages — current search technology simply isn’t doing the job for them. We believe applying social search mechanics in a way that does not force users to explicitly tag, rate, or rank information is the solution.

Collarity distills individual and community search relevance simply from the choices users make on the site. It’s also easy, fast, and zero-cost to set up for publishers whose sites are supported by advertising. Having said all that, users and publishers are invited to experience our technology in action by trying Collarity Compass on our site.

Q4: Currently what is the size of the company, reveal what you want the readers to know as in – how many employees, your location, if you are hiring, the management structure, etc… Whatever you feel comfortable with releasing to the public.

We are currently angel funded. We have 15 people working for the company — the vast majority of those folks are software developers. We are based in Palo Alto, California and we are looking for additional talented java and web developers.

Q5: Now that you are post launch is there anything else you would like to share with the readers, such as how Collarity has been accepted so far and can we expect any big changes released in the near future that you can discuss?

The only way web sites can grow and stay competitive is by staying closely tunedin to their audience’s specific “likes” and “dislikes” – we help publishers do that by essentially turning their visitors’ clicks into contextual votes. We are very encouraged with the number of web sites that have started testing our service since the launch. Many web publishers agree with us that search technology can only advance by adding users to the relevance equation and they believe we’ve found a better way to apply “people power”.

As far as our roadmap is concerned, we have some cool things coming for smaller web publishers in Q1’07 and we are working on some new interface designs based on early feedback from the publishers we’re working with. We’ll also be providing case studies on a number of our pilot web publisher customers soon.

I want to give a Technically Speaking Thank You to Levy for taking the time to answer my 5 questions, and encourage all my readers to give Collarity a try.


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