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Design Your Own WP Theme

Posted by rexdixon on December 1, 2006

This site will show you how to design your own WP theme. Yes, the site is in German, but the code and tutorial is in English or enough of it. Technically Speaking, this is something good to know if you really want to customize your WP site.


5 Responses to “Design Your Own WP Theme”

  1. […] naja an und für sich war es friday night, als ich bemerkte, dass rexdixon eines meiner Tutorials auf soweit nützlich fand, um daraus einen Artikel zu machen. Gleich darauf fand ich auch einen Ping von und dann ging ja richtig die Post ab. Thanks a lot for sharing my work and I hope it would be usefull for you, although my english isn’t the best. But code is on the one hand poetry and on the other hand international and xhtml and css just as well.;) […]

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