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Pause for a Cause

Posted by rexdixon on November 29, 2006

The cause would be to take a second to Visit Our Sponsors!

While the rest of the world catches up with Rex Dixon, I figured www.yourminis.comit would be time to do a little self promotion.

yourminis – This is a truly a great site that I use daily! If you haven’t visited it yet to set up your account, while we take this moment of pause, please give them a visit and do that!

In fact as a service for the readers — here is how you would pull in the feed for Technically Speaking – In the left corner (once you are on – click on – “Add Content– > click on the orange “RSS logo“- as you hover over it it will say “Add Feeds-> click on the folder that says “Web 2.0” – The Technically Speaking blog is in between 2 great sites – and Slashdot – this blog Technically Speaking is called simply – Rex Dixon on yourminis. Click that and you have just added your first yourminis feed! Simple!

Next take a moment to visit mr-business-golf-tees-in-pocket-small.jpgMr. Business Golf’s site. He also writes a great blog located on the WordPress platform.

Now it’s time for the swag alert.

I wrote a post the other day about needing or really wanting a 2nd laptop like Leah received by letting companies “sponsor” the laptop. I would like to give the Apple MacBook Pro a try. Since I am a realist, and know that someone out there probably won’t be handing over one of the above anytime soon to Rex Dixon, all I can say is —  Technically Speaking — PLEASE — buy some swag!  😉

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