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More Time Online and PeopleKlick

Posted by rexdixon on November 29, 2006

People are spending more time online, and someone’s uncle has a new social networking site called – peopleklickPeopleKlick. There ya go, something to do while you are online, check out the new social networking place.


3 Responses to “More Time Online and PeopleKlick”

  1. Is thee a reason why peopleklick feels that creating a site for just creative minds justifies being called a Social Site? Does just having one group of people really mean it is open to a social society or does it mean it is a Club for what they peg is Creative People? HUMMMM how will Web 2.0 address this issue?

  2. De Rechter Stratumseind

    I have mentioned that a couple of weeks ago I took my geek shopping. I wanted him to buy a nice pair of shoes, but he wouldn’ t budge. When he refused to wear the Kenneth Cole shoes I wanted him to try on, I suggested a pair of brown Ecco shoes. He c…

  3. Sidney said

    i don’t think you have the right site? looks like it’s not a social networking site at all…?

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