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Ugenie – finding bundles

Posted by rexdixon on November 28, 2006

ugenieUgenie, is a shopping site for those that are looking for the best prices on “bundles”. What is a bundle? Let’s say you were trying to find the best price on a “Sopranos” box set DVD’s. You can search for them by simply putting “sopranos” in the search, and when you get your first results, that is where Ugenie becomes your genie out of the bottle. Now once you find the box set you want, this is where Ugenie goes to work for you. Once that result comes back, you can also state “new” in case you don’t want used items as shown in the article.

In my search example, it took about the same amount of time as the article above. In fact it was actually quicker then typing the above paragraph. I found season 1-5 that retails for like $265 – $304, and with a click of the button – found Amazon had them from $199 – 202. A feature NOT shown in the article above is now I can narrow my search to zip code. You can also specify shipping option, which brought a new merchant to the top of the list as I specified “next day”, and the price is still only $299 – $302 but the merchant is now DVD Planet.

This may be a useful new twist on shopping search. You can actually play around on this site for a long time and tweak your search, but Technically Speaking I have to get a move on!


One Response to “Ugenie – finding bundles”

  1. Adam said

    Your so right! Using a shopping comparison engine can save people tons of money. The one I like to use, for finding discount books. I remember in college I once spent well over $600 on books one semester. Some one told me to try going online. I think it my memory serves me right I saved over $300. It was well worth my time. A general comment, the Internet is great tool if you know how to use it!

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