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DailyStrength dot COM

Posted by rexdixon on November 27, 2006

DailyStrength, is the dot com site. This had me momentarily confused with DailyStrength dot ORG. You readers remember my laughable lashing of that site right? The news on the dot COM site is that it just raised first round funding from Redpoint Ventures.

What does it do, or what is it suppose to be? The dot COM version is suppose to be another health site based on social networking in some ways. Technically Speaking, if you want to hug me or talk about the amount of caffeine I intake daily, hit me up in my e-mail or call me on my cell! Out of the two – dot org or dot com, this one has a better chance. That isn’t saying much though.


One Response to “DailyStrength dot COM”

  1. Carmela said

    Hey thanks for providing this great site, it’s pitched just at my level of tech interest and knowledge. I too ‘stumbled upon’ dailystrengh and this it’s alright but a bit scattered and not innovative enough to become a go to place. A site that I did love and thought had the right sort of smarts was fatsecret which is a diet aggregator which should have a fairly (pardon the pun) large audience to work with.

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