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Posted by rexdixon on November 26, 2006

mywavesMyWaves, is a video to phone, phone to video, phone video to web site – web site! Whew. That was allot to try to get across there. It’s basically, according to this, not quite ready for primetime, but it does have $6 Million in series A funding from Menlo Ventures. They have 16 employees, and I think that Rex Dixon may have had a conversation with them early or mid summer about a possible job opportunity.

Technically Speaking, this is not ready yet, but figured if you want to give it a shot have a blast. The opening page video is kind of funny.


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  1. […] Rupture, is Shawn Fanning’s new company. Now THIS is the company that Rex Dixon talked with mid-summer about working at. It was not this one! I know that for sure now, as the guy I was conversing with told me it was “Shawn Fanning’s new start up.” What is Rupture? It’s coming soon, and it’s basically a World of Warcraft (GAME!!) company. Heather Green of BusinessWeek (third story down) has the full scoop, and GigaOm’s gaming guru James Au questions if Shawn is again in violation of the law. The “law” this time is the terms of use of Warcraft. Let’s not forget about Shawn’s Snocap adventure. […]

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