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Google News – Who’s news?

Posted by rexdixon on November 26, 2006

This article brings up a very interesting point. If you are a lawyer, I hope you a reading this on Monday morning, and maybe thinking of some class action lawsuit action Monday afternoon. Maybe you are a BIG Rex Dixon lawyer fan, and reading on Sunday night and beat your counter parts to the lawsuit table by 9am Monday morning.

Whatever the case may be, I have to agree with the article on allot of points. Google’s founders are billionaires, and the content they have posted as “Google News” is really just feeds of OTHER real news organizations. Ones with reporters that have gone out and done the research. The point is back in sentence 2 above, they are billionaires who have made a majority of their money by making Google a household name or more like they say in the article, they have turned Google into a verb. This is much like what Hoover did many years ago.

I always play the devils advocate though. Technically Speaking, it’s no better then what Rex Dixon does. The difference – Google has made their money on the the stock market, expanding business and technologies, and are by all rights billionaires. Rex Dixon hasn’t made a dime at this, spends allot of hours on it, and is broke!


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