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2 Minute Rule

Posted by rexdixon on November 26, 2006

I like it. Scobleizer talked about 550 e-mails or something he had to wade through on his vacation flight over to Wales the other day. The 2 minute e-mail rule. He just posted that from where he is now, and I will have to agree there are some simple rules for e-mail that are not followed.

Here now are some of Rex Dixon’s rules:

1. Since I use gmail – change the subject line when the subject shifts, or if there are more then one subject item in the e-mail.

2. When done replying (again gmail) – hit the “archive” button. Clear that inbox.

Technically Speaking, some e-mail are really best reserved for chat. Chat is very under utilized. I tend to use Meebo, radiusIM, or Skype. Meebo has all my IM contacts in one spot, Skype when I am either doing a podcast or transfering files.


One Response to “2 Minute Rule”

  1. Eric Mack said

    The GETTING THINGS DELETED Rule, continues to spread; what began as a toungue-in-cheek comment, has sparked worthwhile discussion.

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