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Digg news

Posted by rexdixon on November 24, 2006

On one hand we have this “great offer” to get 50 cents per digg. I think this is like the e-mail’s that we all get saying “Hello, my name is Kofi Sc Rewyou from Nigeria…

On the other hand, we have an admission by digg (Kevin Rose) that they do push certain stories to the top. More indepth about this here.

Technically Speaking, did anyone believe otherwise?


2 Responses to “Digg news”

  1. […] This picture here is some great shot glasses. Now do you think that digg is knocked down for artistic value, or do you think it is a slight towards the companies recent admission of their less then honest ranking system? Read the article basically about what we do and that is provide social media content, and quit salivating over having a set of those shot glasses! […]

  2. […] All Of Mp3 to be shutdown by Russia. This is of course via digg. Now that the sheep has unclothed himself to reveal the wolf, do we believe it? Do we run with the story? Technically Speaking, it’s probably true, but don’t forget about the boy that cried wolf! […]

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