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Chat Services

Posted by rexdixon on November 24, 2006

This is a really good breakdown of the IM biz as well as what IM service is working where.


4 Responses to “Chat Services”

  1. Jxn said

    Sorry, but it’s not a good breakdown of IM.
    He mixes different technics like Chat and IM and compares them without knowing difference.
    He calles programs like Gaim and Miranda for services, whitch the obvious not are, they are aplications. Services are like GTalk that give you a Jabber service.

    Have a look at this blog for more comments about why the breakdown isn’t to good.

    A merit it got is that it maybe make IM more main stream and have som linkes to read more and get some clues.

    Yes, I rewrote this a couple of times so this comment wouldn’t be to rude.

  2. tifa.saed said

    tifa SBaek

  3. tifa.saed said

    you are soo lie

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