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Posted by rexdixon on November 24, 2006

boo to return. Here is a company that according to this article burned through $120 million in 6 months time and went dot bomb, with a capital B.

Why? Why are they returning? Because of course we are on that financial upswing of the internet at this time. Money being ready to be dropped on the next “Hey our site optimizes the uses of goat milk as a fuel product that we sell via our web site and ship everywhere!”

Back to – It appears a return is scheduled for 2007. I wonder how quick they will burn through their VC money this time?

Technically Speaking, this doesn’t bode well as it’s long past Halloween now and anything that states “boo” shouldn’t even be stated.


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  1. Insider said

    the countdown has started, is on its way back, see the new holding page to get an idea of what its all about..

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