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Microsoft complied in time

Posted by rexdixon on November 23, 2006

Microsoft has finally complied and submitted new antitrust documents to the EU today. Not that they haven’t already been fined, and have been seriously dragging their feet on this, they could have been fined 3 Million Euros ($3.9 million) a day if they didn’t meet this deadline. I don’t think they really cared though, as if you read the article, they already have paid out pretty hefty fines since they missed the July 2006 deadline which was extended to December. Looks to be in the neighborhood total of 780 million Euros.

Technically Speaking, that isn’t a smart way for Microsoft to spend it’s money. I guess Vista better be flying off the shelves come next week for the businesses and in January for the consumer market!


5 Responses to “Microsoft complied in time”

  1. а тут есть что почитать 🙂 так держать…не забрасывайте блог.

  2. Хороший пост, бро…так держать!!!

  3. Да ладно, чего к человеку пристали. Норм там всё с форматированием. Добавил в закладки ваш сайт.

  4. Ух, сколько коментариев то тут набрасали. Ну отмечусь и я-пост бомба..так держать, молодцом автор!!!

  5. Пост супер!!! Ждём продолжения 🙂

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