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Jay-Z isn’t happy with MySpace

Posted by rexdixon on November 23, 2006

At a time when most music artists are embracing MySpace as an extension of their marketing plan, Jay-Z wasn’t too delighted that MySpace served its site members a sneak preview of his entire new album last week. Kingdom Come, the artist’s first album, since retiring three years ago, went on sale yesterday. On Friday, Jay-Z’s record label, Universal Music Group, filed its lawsuit against MySpace.

Technically Speaking, I’m hoping The Allman Brothers aren’t planning to release any material anytime soon, ain’t that right Ross? 🙂


2 Responses to “Jay-Z isn’t happy with MySpace”

  1. Now,for the Allman Brothers…I would go to MySpace to check that out, as far as Jay Z, I would file a lawsuit also if I was him, I really don’t thing that gangster rap and anything named Kingdom Come really fits in with the panty dropping, mooning, and other acts coordinated with the use of a farm animal are compatible for his style of music….I would want to get my music off MySpace as soon as possible… OH, wait, I already did…

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    Jay-Z isn’t happy with « Technically Speaking

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