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Google World – it’s coming .. maybe!

Posted by rexdixon on November 23, 2006

GoogleNow that Google is far and away a juggernaut that isn’t going to be stopped any time soon, why not make up a shopping list of things that Google could actually buy. This list that you can view fully has some interesting items on it.

One of those items is Walt Disney’s aging Epcot Center for about $2 Billion and re-launch it as Google Center! Too pricey? How about something to help the environment then. A mere $1 Billion could snag Pacific Ethanol Inc.

The crown jewel of acquistions could be the New York Times. Yes, that NY Times. Right now seems to be the time for Google to step in, pick them up at 1998 value of roughly $3.5 Billion and rename it – the Google Times!

Yes, Google has a ton of money and now is the time they use it wisely. Before long, we will be driving our Google SUV to the Google gas station, picking up our copy of the Google Times and getting aboard the Google light rail system to work at a branch of Google center. At lunch we will go to Google King to get our fast food, with the new Google chicken sandwich, while drinking our Google soda.

Technically Speaking, that’s allot of Google, but hey – it’s Turkey day, so why not dream big?


2 Responses to “Google World – it’s coming .. maybe!”

  1. Is that Google, or Gobble? Pretty much both sound like what Google is doing to the market…maybe Google with Gobble up the Evolution Studio enterprise and call it Google Evolution Studio’s…since this is where the continuous stories on Google Gobbling up business was started…sound natural that they would drop a few hundred mill to get a quality podcasting studio amongst their many enterprises.

  2. […] Technically Speaking, Google really needs to consider my other blog post I did on them yesterday. It’s time. […]

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