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Browser OS – The Next BIG thing – 2 reviewed – Goowy and YouOS

Posted by rexdixon on November 23, 2006

I’m checking all this out. In the past couple of days the “hot” word on the street is GoogleOS. Well there is no such thing yet, but I think there will be. Currently I’m on two browser OS sites now.

goowyGoowy, disclaimerthey are the parent company of our current main sponsoryourminis – is a browser OS that is very much like yourminis. In fact yourminis is basically a spin off of Goowy. I do like Goowy. I can actually upload my mp3’s to and have them for access anywhere. Yes, I like music. If you want to impress Rex Dixon, lure me in with something musical.

The mail feature is nice, everyone receives their own mail account and the chat feature works well. The only part of the chat, is the goowy chat. Couldn’t quite get that to work, but AIM, Yahoo, etc.. all work nice. Like Meebo does it. Now I had Mr. Business Golf also signing up for Goowy, and we were checking it all out, chatting via Skype and he disappears for a bit. The calendar feature looks very robust also. Much like what Google Calendar looks like. I didn’t see any other office apps right off, but I started to play around for a bit in Goowy.

So I’m checking things out, and also chatting with the owner Matt of the new startup company I told everyone about the other day called Vplyr – which if GoogleTube or some video site doesn’t start courting soon, I’ll be really surprised!

Speaking of Vplyr for a second – Matt told me an interesting item that confirmed my hunch as to his company going over big in 2007. I can’t release that information at this point and time, but do welcome all those that see Rex Dixon on chat to chat with me! If I’m logged into chat, and not in busy mode – I totally welcome people to chat with me — otherwise – why would I be in chat?

I digress though, it’s late, and I’ve had a few Heineken tonight. All of sudden Mr. Business Golf comes back and says, “Well tell Alex, the Goowy chat stuff sucks, but the GAMES ROCK!” Well, now I have to say, I never saw Mr. Business Golf as a gamer, but he was getting into this chopper game which I have yet to check out.

All in all, Goowy has something to offer everyone (obviously) and allot to like. Give it a spin, there is a demo mode, where you don’t have to sign up right off and then hate it. I think you won’t though, as even Mr. Business Golf could find something cool, which I know will keep him tooling around in Goowy for awhile.

YouOS alpha logoYouOS, it’s the first one I gave a spin to this morning. I think that it is more Linux feeling, and I’m not talking Bill Gates Ubuntu either, more like old school slackware Linux. That painful install Linux with a X interface, that never looked great at all. Yeah, if you have been there – you know what I refer too!

The nice thing about YouOS is that I will classify it as a true developer OS platform. That is how I am seeing it right now. I believe that it will be a big hit with the purist types that want something to be like old school Linux, but a platform with a compiler and dev tools built in. Plus the benefits of not having to have multiple development boxes sitting around your house at all times, makes room for cooler toys, right?

Oh, don’t get me wrong, you have cool stuff there also. Games, BittyBrowser, mp3 player — which I either didn’t figure out yet, or it doesn’t work just right and much more. I think if you are old, or rather old school Linux hardcore type and like to fiddle with Java a bit. Develop your own apps for this browserOS, then I think you will like YouOS.

Either way – Goowy or YouOS – they both mark the future. Whenever there is site of or wind of GoogleOS they will have to step it up a notch. I think if you have that much money to spend, you can hire the best of the best and actually maybe even go beyond broswer OS and go full fledged, “We are going to bury everyone!” OS.


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  1. […] Currently according to this poll, it appears that 32% of the readers of the article believe that Google will be putting out a web OS or desktop OS very soon. If you remember what I wrote up on the two that are already out there comparison I did – Goowy and YouOS – I think both companies are in “danger” of being post “thanksgiving” gobbled up by Google! […]

  2. Rory said

    There are other Browser OS’s out there – try

  3. * Google Tubel – Best Tube Music and video

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